Ages 6-11

Thursday 4:30pm-5:20pm

TOTAL DURATION: 50 minutes

Circle time/introduction/questions: 5 mins

Warm up including dynamic stretching: 5-10 mins

Stations: 4 stations: 10 mins

Group routine: 10 mins

Game: 10 mins

Cool down including static stretching: 5-10 mins

What is Youth Fitness?

Everyone is sitting around creating a perfect circle. Instructor will go around and ask each child to introduce themselves and also to answer question for that week. Make sure that all kids are equally engaged in the conversation. Always keep it exciting so their focus in on point.


Starts with dynamic first, running around the room and doing all different exercises. Once kids are warmed up then perform static stretching and make sure that each kid follows.


These are broken into four different exercises which two are high heart rate and two are low heart rate mixed in between. Each station is 1 min long with 30 sec rest in between.


Focus on a specific muscle groups and perform at least 5 different exercises for it. Teach Kid proper breathing patterns as well as proper form.


Make sure that game is always high beat routine where kids are actually running around and doing cardio without knowing it. For example, the perfect game would dodgeball.


Everyone is back in circle again cooling down and talking about healthy foods, snacks, drinks etc.


Every child should be living a healthy life style. However, many children today do not know much about nutrition or exercising and therefore 365 YOUTH FITNESS has designed a unique program that teaches each child everything from healthy eating, making the right food choices, exercising and living a healthy life style.

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