Meet Alex

Alex joined us at The Club Health and Fitness first in September 2019 as a front desk associate, and became a certified NASM personal trainer in December 2020.  His passion for health and fitness was discovered early on in life.  When his family moved from New York City to Naugatuck, Alex began competing in many sports, including basketball, football and varsity level track and field.  Alex is a U.S. Army veteran that believes the knowledge and skills acquired while enlisted in the military such as dedication, self-confidence, teamwork, team management,and achieving goals, are crucial to effective fitness training.  He continues to expand his knowledge in health and fitness by reading books, and watching videos from respected and accomplished professionals in related fields, attending seminars and completing courses such as corrective exercise, stretching and flexibility, and mental toughness.  Alex’s vision is to show how voluntarily challenging your physical body can boost your mood and confidence, as well as heighten your sense of self-worth.  His mission is to help you achieve a better quality of life through a personalized fitness plan that will not only identify your limitations, but also conquer them in order to access limitless potential within yourself.
Enjoy his creative spin on our Large Group Training sessions, or a more personalized experience in Small Group Training, One on One or Buddy sessions!

Personal Trainer