Meet Kate

I was a varsity volleyball player when I attended Naugatuck High School from 2000-2004. Being active was a part of my normal day to day routine. However, weight lifting and strength training were not things I was too familiar with. Flash forward to 2013, I started working out at The Club and instantly fell in love with lifting weights. I found a confidence that I didn’t know even existed. As a woman, we’ve been fed for decades about how we have to have a certain look. Everyone always telling us we need to be “smaller.” It was not until I started lifting weights, that I decided I wanted to be bigger! I wanted to occupy more space.

My own motto for years has been “STRONGER NOT SMALLER.” And I would love to help any and everyone to be able to adapt this motto for themselves and feel that confidence that allows them to walk through life with their head held high!

Being a personal trainer here at The Club Health & Fitness is far more than just a job to me. I get to impact my clients lives on a daily basis in a positive way. Not only am I able to help push them outside of their comfort zones for short term satisfaction, but help set them up for the long term, sustainable healthy lifestyle that is so important. I love being able to give my clients the tools to be able to feel comfortable and confident each and every time they step in to the gym.

Personal Trainer