How do I start?

  • Step 1: Book Appointment with DNA Fitness Coach
  • Step 2: Collect Data Sample
  • Step 3: Receive Report
  • Step 4: Consultation with DNA Fitness Coach
  • Step 5: Begin Blueprint Program

DNA Based Program Package Includes:

  • 1 Month Personal Training
  • DNA Based Testing Results
  • 1 Month Meal Plan

STOP guessing what to do and START knowing!

DNA testing for health allows you to tailor your fitness routine to your genes for the greatest impact. Exercise genetics is the area of genetics that studies the links between genes and the many factors influencing exercise.

Find out exactly what your body needs for workouts & nutrition based on your own DNA!

What is being tested?

  Weight Loss Tendency

  Macro Utilization

  Caffeine Metabolism

  Vitamin/Mineral Tendency

  Sleep Duration

  Insulin Sensitivity

  Response to Cardio

  Recovery Response

  Injury Risk

  Mental Foundation

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