“I really enjoyed the summer camp at The Club Health & Fitness. I became faster and gained muscle to help play soccer. The Club Health & Fitness helped me achieve my goal by starting varsity as a freshman. If it wasn’t for this camp I wouldn’t have been in shape I was for the start of the season.” -Lilly Lyons, Girl’s Soccer, Naugatuck High School


“I had the pleasure of allowing my football team to workout at The Club this past summer. Joe and his excellent staff drilled my players into great shape, preparing them for a great season. The expertise of Nina and Corey really helped my players to get stronger and faster. All my players became more EXPLOSIVE under their guidance. The Greyhounds will be back again this summer to train at The Club!” -Joe Solazo, Head Football Coach, Naugatuck High School


“I really enjoyed training at The Club. It helped me stay in shape and also allowed me to bond with the upperclassmen. Tracking my progress and recording everything I was lifting really gave me a chance to see what I was improving on. Along with seeing what I still needed to work on. The Club training worked on agility, endurance, strength, and more which helped me know what to expect at practices/my first season of high school soccer.” -Allison Murphy, Girl’s Soccer, Naugatuck High School


“Nina at The Club Health & Fitness helped me get a lot stronger to get ready for the upcoming baseball season.” -Mike Rusin, Baseball, Naugatuck High School


“The Club Health & Fitness camp helped me to become stronger playing soccer and quicker on my toes for goalie. I wouldn’t have been able to be good at goalie without the camp teaching me how to stay on my feet. I’m hoping to train in the off-season with Nina again, to become faster and get more varsity time.” -Abby Lawson, Girl’s Soccer, Naugatuck High School


“Nina at The Club Health & Fitness helped me to perform my best physically, gain muscle, and grow stronger for baseball.” -Ryan Tyszka, Baseball, Naugatuck High School


“Everything about this camp was perfect. I loved that we used a range of equipment and worked on strength, cardio, and agility all at once.” -Nate Delaney, Baseball, Naugatuck High School


“I really liked The Club Health & Fitness summer camp. It helped me improve my strength and speed for the upcoming soccer season. I learned how to push myself without overdoing it. It helped me reach my goal of being able to play varsity.” Anissa Simoes, Girl’s Soccer, Naugatuck High School


“I enjoyed training and working out this off season at The Club. It gave our team the skills and training programs we needed to get bigger, stronger, and faster. It also gives the upperclassmen the chance to bond and build relationships with the underclassmen. Nina did a great job of keeping the intensity high all while getting a great workout in / teaching us new lifts. I suggest every sports team at Naugatuck High School uses The Club to prepare our teams for the season.” -Mark Nofri, Baseball, Naugatuck High School